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22.5W PD Fast Charging Power Bank-10000mah.

22.5W PD Fast Charging Power Bank-10000mah.

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-The power bank 10000mAh external battery is a unique and modern portable charger with a capacity of 10000 mAh, featuring an LED display with an activation button, four USB1 (output), Type-C (input), MicroUSB (input), USB2 (input) ports.

-This power bank has a stylish modern design, looks very dignified, and will allow you to charge your phone and any gadgets in any condition. The device has 4 USB ports for charging external devices (smartphones, players, tablets, navigators, cameras, electronic cigarettes, walkie-talkies, etc.)

-To fully charge the power bank, it needs to be charged for about 16 hours. There is a digital LED indicator on the case, which will allow you to see the remaining charge level.

-The body of the 10000mAh power bank is made of fire-resistant polycarbonate, which increases the wear resistance and service life of the device. The battery is lithium-polymer, which also increases the high service life of the power bank.

-There is an LED flashlight on the side of the power bank, as well as a USB, Type-C, MicroUSB, and lightning adapter cable for ease of use, there is also a handle strap for carrying and hanging.

-Power IQ
-Super capacity
-Built-in flashlight
-Fire retardant material
-Short circuit protection
-Compact and powerful power bank with a high level of charge
-Ability to charge multiple devices at the same time on each USB

-Package weight; 300g
-Rated capacity; 5800 mAh
-Energy conversion rate; 65%
-Type of battery; Lithium polymer
-Input [Type-C and Micro]; 5V =2.1A
-Battery capacity; 10000mAh [37Wh]
-Package dimensions; l=10.5cm x h=20cm x w=3cm
-Total output; 5V=4.5A/9V=2A/12V=15A [22.5W max]

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